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You find yourself trapped inside a maze, and you are eager to escape from there.

You are blind.

You are deaf.

Touch is the only tool, weapon and guide you can use.


NOTHING HAPPENS: You're on the good way, keep walking and don't get lost!

SCREEN TURNS DARK GREY: You touched a wall in that direction, so you must find another path to find the exit.

SCREEN STARTS BLINKING: Be careful, you stepped the edge of the maze and almost fell. Not all mazes have walls surrounding them.

SCREEN BLINKS, BUT SLOWER THIS TIME: You managed to escape. From that maze. But there are others.

Another maze? This... has no end!?


Pen & paper recommended.

Game made for the Bit Jam hosted by Daniel Linssen

Isackender 2016


Darkpath (HTML) 15 kB

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